Wild Jamaica

After some time, the dolphins at the center of the pool retreated under the water and we were greeted by the trainer. He was a latino guy with a stout frame, weathered brown skin, and sharp eyes. He explained a little about dolphins, how the park works with them, and so on. We were all looking about wondering when the dolphins would appear when suddenly the trainer blew a whistle and a couple of dolphins appeared. The dolphins were a bit larger than I expected, more robust and muscular looking that I had initially suspected. They were also less menacing than I had previously thought as well, nice even. The trainer ran them through a number of tricks: jumping, shaking hands, kissing (yeah kissing), and most unexpectedly, singing. Their level of training was astounding. Every command and cry from the trainer was met with highly synchronized actions on the part of the dolphins and obligatory feeding of what appeared to be sardines. Needless to say, I was conflicted about the entire ordeal. This had been the brainchild of my sister and she was completely psyched then and in the moment about playing with dolphins, kisses and all. I, on the other hand, was good after a few minutes and wanted to escape. No matter how cute they were–and they are easily Pokemon level cute–I wondered about their conditions.