Wild Jamaica

After some back and forth and, I agreed to follow the boss-scout to see what he had in mind. “How much is this going to cost”, I said, cutting to the point. “I take care of you bruddah, and you take care of me. Respect.” Again with “respect”. Going back the way I came, there was another entrance to the lighthouse, slightly behind it headed west., right where he said it would be. However, the boss-scout wanted me to climb a padlocked iron fence to get my shot. He showed me how easy it was by climbing himself. “How old is this guy?”, I wondered. Once over, he beckoned me to do the same and part of me wanted to do it –likely the 7-year-old part of me. I was struck at the request, that he’d ask me to do this request, and that I actually considered it before sanity kicked in. After taking a breath, I realized that I’d be technically breaking and entering private property in a foreign country. I wasn’t willing to risk it and explained that I was going back to negotiate with the guardian myself. Not wanting to lose a potential score, he hopped back over the fence and said that the guardian would never talk to me, but he could intercede on my behalf and maybe work something out. The sun was setting more deeply still. Sensing defeat, I accepted that I wasn’t going to see the lighthouse without the boss-scout and rushed over to the lighthouse entrance with him.