Wild Jamaica

A group of three was bumping Future–or something Future like– and smoking when we got to the gate. It too was padlocked. I was growing frustrated with the fact I had wasted so much time dancing with the boss-scout that I’d miss my shot and he felt it. He called one of the guys over and asked where the guardian was. The guardian was out on a small errand and was to be back in 10 min. Like clockwork, the guardian came back with a couple bags in hand. He had gone to grab some snacks for him and his group. He didn’t seem particularly happy to see the boss-scout, scowling as they met–maybe he was a scowler? Before I could step in, the boss-scout pulled the guardian aside and they began to chat amongst themselves. They were just beyond earshot, but I could tell they were negotiating the terms for me to get my photo. The argued back and forth until eventually the guardian opened the gate and let me in.

“How long you need?”, the guardian asked me tersely. “Just a minute”, I shot back, walking towards the lighthouse. The guardian’s other friends were still smoking, and blaring their music and, for the most part, ignoring me. I looked back over my shoulders at the gate I had just walked through as it closed behind me with a sort of foreboding doom.  Like my time on 7 Mile Beach just hours before, I felt that this could have been a terrible, and stupid mistake. Who knows what they could have asked for or demanded while I was in their possession. I didn’t let myself think about this too long though. When I stepped before the lighthouse, it was more majestic and awe-inspiring scene than anything I could have conjured up. The sky had become beautiful in contrast to the milk skies before. It featured tangerine, lavender, navy, and even flamenco hues. Trees swayed lightly in the breeze and the clouds moved effortlessly above and between the trees. I focused myself and quickly took the shots I came to get. Both interested and anxious to have me leave, the guarding walked over and quietly observed my shooting, making his annoying presence felt. I gathered my things and hurried out of the gate, where my folks, Alton, and the boss-scout were all waiting.