Wild Jamaica

I might not have gotten it then, but I certainly get it now. So often along the trip, I was asked if I’d consider coming back to Jamaica, and each time I gave a perfunctory albeit half-hearted commitment to do so. It’s the same one we all give when making plans to visit lost acquaintances or anywhere that generally takes effort. Jamaica was a place that I never wanted to go but busted my ass to get it. I went on one of those all-inclusive deals that I cannot necessarily say I’d do again. It’s disney (small “d”) and that’s not necessarily the kind of connection I like to form with a destination. I enjoy traveling when it’s real, true, and most of all, wild. Jamaica, with its beautiful lands, delicious food, and frank yet earnest people, is all of those things and is a place I can’t wait to get back to. Yah-man.